About Us

Iron Acres is family owned and operated.

A Place At Peggy Sue’s Table

The matriarch of the Sayles family, Peggy Sue, did more than practice hospitality; she lived it. There was always room at her table and in her heart. Peggy Sue’s legacy of warmth and generosity is lived out by the Iron Acres team each day.

Your comfort is our priority

Scott & Michele Sayles understand the value of hospitality. They have taught their team to look for small opportunities to bring joy into the everyday. They understand that true hospitality is about the memories their guests create during their stay and the feelings of comfort that remain long after their visit.

Scott & Michele Sayles

Owners & Operators

Rockin' Angel Ministry

Lonny and Katy Houk lead Rockin’ Angel Ministry. The couple provides Bible studies, retreats, prayer meetings, and equine therapy.  In addition, Lonny serves as Chaplain and Trail Boss for the Friday & Saturday Horsemanship ministry at Perry State Park.

Lonny Houk

Rockin' Angel Ministry